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Thread: Critique me on my new video!

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    Default Critique me on my new video!

    ok, so this took me all of about 3-4 hours to make, all with a green screen, sony vegas, some overlays and playing around with some effects to find the right ones. please tell me how i did, i started editing about 1-2 years ago and had no classes, just learned as i went. thanks.The Warrior - YouTube
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    I cannot criticise it. I have never used a green screen. I would prefer that *you* told me what you think of it. Were you satisfied with the timing of splattering gore? Did you think any of the effects added too much distortion; or removed some of the sharpness of the image. Did you think 4 hours to make was too long or too short? Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted, before you started randomly choosing the 'right' effects.

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    I agree with the guy above, give us an idea of what you think. Anything can be criticized, nothings perfect, but I'd rather direct the criticism where you want it to go.

    Its funny Tim Andrews brought up the blood splatter, it was kinda of eeeehhh. But if you just want reception of the effects, I'd have a much different eye for what to "look for" in the blood splatter.
    But everything was pretty decent I wasn't in the uncanny valley, it didn't come off as flat or 2D, and the stock effects managed not to scream STOCK EFFECTS. It did remind me of a Thomas Kincaid painting though, with the pastel/vibrant background in an otherwise dark setting. Oh and the blood splatter timing was awful lol.

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