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Thread: Critique me on my new video!

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    Default Critique me on my new video!

    ok, so this took me all of about 3-4 hours to make, all with a green screen, sony vegas, some overlays and playing around with some effects to find the right ones. please tell me how i did, i started editing about 1-2 years ago and had no classes, just learned as i went. thanks.The Warrior - YouTube
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    I cannot criticise it. I have never used a green screen. I would prefer that *you* told me what you think of it. Were you satisfied with the timing of splattering gore? Did you think any of the effects added too much distortion; or removed some of the sharpness of the image. Did you think 4 hours to make was too long or too short? Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted, before you started randomly choosing the 'right' effects.

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