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    Hi everyone
    I'm currently editing footage of a dance show and want the finished product to make them look taller. and i'm wondering what the best way to do it is. I've been looking at other videos this is the best example. All these people are made look much taller than they are and the obvious black bars running vertically is this the way it was shot or is it done afterward?. It's anamorphic right? my footage is 16:9 1080p Any help would be much appreciated

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    The reason the video is like that is because it is not being displayed correctly. It's supposed to be widescreen, but it's displayed as 4:3. If you really want to do this to your video select the clip in your time line, go to the inspector and drag the "scale: X:" parameter down until you like how it looks. But be aware that anyone with the tiniest bit of knowledge will just think you don't know what your doing and that you've made a mistake, particularly if you set it to a similar setting as seen in your link.


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    Okay I understand..sorry i'm only new to everything! Would it be acceptable to stretch everyone a very small bit in the video by just using transform and stretching them up very slightly? I have plenty of room top and bottom to not be cutting out heads. Even an equivalent of a 2 - 3 % stretch max? Thanks for the advice by the way I appreciate it

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    Many folk seem very quick at spotting large distortions (as in the clip). The number of these folk decrease, obviously, as the distortion reduces. The problem seems to be that 'taller' also means 'thinner'. I wonder - If the shots were taken looking upwards; then perhaps it may be possible to stretch the bottom of the image (into a trapezoid shape, I assume); thus accentuating the natural perspective.

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    No need to apologise. Adjusting the Y Scale would give the same result your looking for, and if you stuck to 2 or 3% it would definitely be far less, or perhaps not at all, noticeable.

    What you need to consider is that scaling up reduces image quality, so if you do want to do this your 2 or 3% really should be max for that reason also. If you want to try Tim's thoughts you could make adjustments to the "Distort" and "Scale" parameters to balance each other out, but again you'd need to scale more and lose more image quality. Another thing that then becomes an issue is perspective, people are accustomed to seeing certain perspective's from certain angles and if it is missing they may not know what but something will look amiss.

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    A bit confused here...if it's "Not noticable", then OP might as well not bother, surely?

    Perhaps the real issue is "Why" does he want to do this?
    Let's assume that it's because he can (if only) then even Vegas Studio will do this in Pan/crop mode, it can be one fixed amount or varied over time "keyframing" - but as others have pointed out, it will look like a setting-error.

    If he expands X&Y this is the same as zooming-in . . . . but I am not understanding what the OP visual issue boils down to?
    Could it be these people are rather too small, due to camera position?
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    A bit confused here...if it's "Not noticable", then OP might as well not bother, surely?
    Not at all, the slimming effect, or making them taller to frame better, if that's the desired outcome will of course make a difference, whether this is enough of a difference to have the desired results could only be told by seeing the video. It's the amount of distortion that might not be noticeable, not the effect on the video.


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