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Thread: Action teaser trailer!

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    Default Action teaser trailer!

    I just made this little teaser trailer for class. Took me the whole after noon to get it right. It's a kind of spoof on action movies. Comments are welcome!

    Notes: The cloning isn't really good since I couldn't use After Effects on this computer and I had to do it with Premiere. Also, the whole thing is in french but there isn't really anything too understand, it's an action movie :P

    Another thing, the kind of blocking move the clones do with their fists is an inside joke. My Physic teacher was telling us that when you do this, you become rock solid

    Keep in mind I did this on a 5 years old comp!

    Traduction of the text:
    In the beginning "In the year 3529" "Thérèse" "is" "back"
    L'affaire Thérèse means "The Thérèse Case"
    "Avec" means "with" and "et" means "and"
    "Les Oliviers" means The Olivier (since there is more than one, Olivier is his name).

    I think that's about it! Enjoy!

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    The guy holding the banana and morphing was cool, and the light sabor effect was cool, but the whole thing was kind of choppy and nothing really new.

    It is good for a one day job, keep it up, i would love to see more...

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    I wasn't trying to innovate or anything. This is just a trailer that I put in bonus before the real movie that we are doing during the next 3 weeks. We only had one week-end to shoot it and edit it.

    The real movie will be done around May 30th.

    The only purpose of this trailer is to impress my classmates that never did video editing with effects such as morphing and lightsaber.

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    It sounds cool, please post it when you finished....

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    Weres the URL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeD
    Weres the URL?
    Oh, it was uploaded right here but I think it has been deleted a while ago. The site had some problem and I think all attached files got deleted.

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