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    Local dealership, Porsche of Nashua, asked me to cover an event for them, this is what I got. I haven't done anything like this before so please constructive criticism is appreciated. I know I needed to get more driving footage but we were on a one-lane road and I dont have a zoom/telephoto lens to see the cars from where I was positioned in the line up. Anyways enjoy and please comment and like the video!
    weavedesigns | Slow as Molasses Porsche of Nashua Rally Event - YouTube

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    Like a lot of your work I find it a real mixed bag. I liked the opening shot but then you cut to the shaky shot of the people coming out which would have been a good shot if you had put the camera on a tripod. I liked most of the interior shots of the food etc. BUT I found a lot of the slider shots of the cars were not framed very well, too much tarmac mostly. This would be find for the odd shot but not all of them. If you are going to do a focus pull. You need to practice it before you press record so you know where to start and stop with the ring.

    I liked the music choice but having some live sound would have been good.

    Your ideas are coming together, you just need to up your game a bit with the camera and you'll start to make very good consistent videos.

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