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    Default Request for advice on cameras

    Hey everyone!
    We're puttingtogether a budget studio.

    We have so many camerasto choose from that itís making it difficult to choose and we're seekingprofessionals help here. We are on a budget so high-end professional equipmentis out. Our camera budget is around or under $800.00.

    This is what we need:

    True 1080p format.
    Mic oncam and/oraudio/mic in.
    Abilty to mount ona tripod.
    HDMI out.

    Note, the camera will beused for a small budget inside studio with
    medium to bright lighting.
    Thanks for your help!

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    That's a small budget for a studio.... but perhaps you can explain what you are filming . . if it's on-line sales then web-based video is failrly poor quality and lighting small items (bags/shoes/china) can be done using a "tent" and desklights.

    (It's not clear [to me!], if the studio lighting is already available, etc.)
    So, I think you neded to define what and how your target audience will view this stuff.

    Will you be budgeting for Editing software AND computer?

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    I'm sorry... It's $800 for just the camera. We will be filming people only (no jewelry or anything like that). At current time we're set w/ everything else.

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