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Thread: How Darth Vader Talks To Girls - Funny Video in 1080p HD

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    Default How Darth Vader Talks To Girls - Funny Video in 1080p HD

    Hi Guys,

    this is our first video on our new channel. We have started the series "How To Talk To Girls" with this first episode, starring Darth Vader from Star Wars.
    We hope you liked it!

    We are going to do more videos and you can tell us wich character you wanna see in the next episode (Sherlock Holmes, Neo, Gandalf ....)

    You can also watch behind the scenes footage from this episode right here:
    Darth Vader: How To Talk To Girls - Behind The Scenes And Bloopers (1080p HD) - YouTube

    We are thankful for every support you give us like sharing with freinds, liking the video or subscribing to our channel.

    Thank You!!!

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    Wow... this is going to be a great youtube channel

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    I like it. But i did not like how the girl voice sounds.

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    Looked good I'll check out the next one

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    I've enjoyed the star wars movies ever since the original release in the 70's. Always amazes me how it just keeps going. I liked your spoof.

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