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    I'm planning to shoot a promotional video, and I was thinking on doing the whole thing on a white background and floor, so since the budget is really low and we still need professional results I was thinking on just using large white table cloths and hang them to the roof to cover the walls and make the room smaller and also for the floor.

    Which material should I get best?

    Any other better ideas for white?

    Thank you so much!

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    You could do this with white cotton sheets hanging in the walls or paint everything white, even paper or card would do, any non reflective white surface you can get your hands on. The important thing is to make sure you put plenty of light on it so you really blow out the detail. This should give you a pure white background without over exposing the talent. Make sure you do a white balance on all cameras so they match.

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    I am looking to do this in the future too.....great advice MB.

    Yes plenty of light ... check out this great video on the subject!!!!

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    If you use a large piece of material that's big enough for the wall and floor, and not two separate pieces, you could try to create an infinity curve, so it doesn't look like there's a corner where the wall and floor meet. Google Image infinity curve to see what I mean.

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    Sadly OP hasn't told us what they are promoting, - so I might guess it's someone doing a turn and dad's got saddled with filming it.

    Then there is wanting Pro results, which suggest the use of this vid is somewhat more that sending a copy to grandma.

    In reality getting pro-results on the cheap isn't easy and fitting out a room (or garage) with sheets is almost bound to show - I think it might be easier to try Blue Screen that way the bacvkground could be white, or somewhere exotic - or just wispy clouds - whatever. This can be added later if the "take" is decent.

    The snag with using white (as others have suggested) is that most budget camcorders will shut down if there is a large white /bright area - so the "talent" will come out dark. This may be fixed in Post, but what may seem easy to those with experience won't apply to someone that's doing a favour....

    Can OP give us more details inicluding where this studio will be (and dimensions)? As few home-studios have enough height to get even lighting - and lighting a large area will not be cheap.

    Have you considered using a photo-studio? These can be rented for maybe 50/hr including lights and will have far better resources than a home-based space. It may be cheaper than buying lots of lights only to find it doesn't work out.
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    Nice link would love to do that in my garage

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