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Thread: Looking for amateur video editor/ student for editing some text in a short video

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    Default Looking for amateur video editor/ student for editing some text in a short video

    Sorry in advance if i make some mistake - i am from Germany and cannot say English is my strongest point

    I am currently looking for someone who would bother with my video editing request . I just found this forum and it took some courage to finally make this thread.

    To cut things short, i want some part of a gametrailer video ( 1:30 min) edited. I am part of a little gaming community and it should somehow serve as our trailer for our next game - we are by no means some big shots - just some unknown hobby gamers and many of them close friends i want to surprise.
    The job is about replacing some phrases which appear in the video with other ones and also adding in some text. I dont think it would took great effort to do so. Of course i will pay , but i am a student in his first semester and still trying to get by every month, so i am afraid i cant offer you some great amounts of money. I would like to spend about 20€, payment can be made via paypal or moneybookers. I perfectly know that no professional would work for this amount and by no means i want to devalue your work - but i at least hope that maybe some amateur who does video editing as a hobby or a bored student , who want to gain some experience would consider trying this and doing me a favor
    If you are interested, drop me a mail at or reply in this thread. If you feel like my thread is offending you in some way just tell me piss of dude, and i will delete this thread

    Hope to get an answer, and wish you a good day

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    Hey there

    Seeing that this thread is 3 month old i dont know if you´re still looking or not.

    The project sounds really nice and Im very interested in helping you

    Im from Denmark. Im 21 old and i use a lot of my time on editing videos for myself and upload them to youtube.

    If your interested let me know

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