I bought a Xacti HD vpc -FH1ex by sanyo with the idea of using it for our up coming holiday to australia, unfortunately it does not do what we want, the annoying thing is that when you stop filming it saves the film as a video clip (ideal if say using it for online video) these are not ideal for a family film you just want to play back, clips can be stitched together but it takes ages (I mean hours!) I like the idea of using a card and I like HD but its not going to work as a point and shoot.

Before having this we had a sony handy cam which was a point and shoot and worked a treat as we didn't want to do anything fancy - just record family outings.
The downside was there was no way of transferring the video to my macbook if i needed to add titles.

I am considering selling the Xacti HD camera and buying one that suits but am on a budget

requirements are:

Compatible with a mac - for adding titles if necessary
able to point and shoot and connect to my HD TV
ideally HD shooting.
Needs to be small

What format should i go for too as I'm confused about all the different formats