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    I've been struggling, trying to figure out why when I capture my DV footage from my Digi8 Handycam onto my PC.. the quality and the light becomes much worse than it displays on my camcorder..

    I tried Windows Movie Maker 2 and Ulead VideoStudio 9 and they both do the same thing.. the DV becomes much darker and much more pixelated and unclear..

    Does anyone have any solutions for me? Because I'd like for it to show up just as bright and clear as it is on my camcorder..

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    are you using USB or Firewire?

    if you're using firewire, it is transferring exactly what is on your tape to your PC, so maybe you need to adjust your PC's brightness/contrast settings, I can't think of any other reason for it to be different.

    If your using USB, :firewire: , invest in a PCI firewire card and use that instead, you will notice a drastic improvement in quality.
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