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    What is this phenomenon?

    I mostly happens when I'm using a MTS file (AVCHD, 25.000 fps interlaced, 1920x1080x12, AVC) and rendering to MPG2 for DVD. I'm using Sony Vegas 10 but I'm pretty sure it's a cross platform problem.

    The project matches that of the original file, it improves when it's 'Progressive Scan' and selecting 'deinterlace' doesn't help. Rendering is generally a 'high quality' bit rate of 9mil, 2 passes etc... If I render to the equivalent in MP4 this phenomenon doesn't occur but will then reoccur when converting it to MPG2 and let's face it the less file converting the better. The att is a particularly good bad example.


    So what is it? If I knew I could google it and do something about it. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It looks like an interlace artefact to me. Make sure you have blend fields selected in the project properties deinterlace method box and that you have upper field first selected.

    In your rendering setting when making an mpeg2 for a DVD, you will have to select lower field first as it is being converted to SD for the DVD.

    If you are already doing this then I don't know why it is occuring.

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    Unfortunately it's none of the above. It's definitely not on the original footage and no matter what field order I put it in to it remain but selecting 'progressive scan' despite it being interlaced footage does help but it's not the cure. Resizing and rendering in to other formats doesn't have this anomaly though, just MPG2. Weird.

    Thanks for the assist though Blue!

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