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    Circular polarisers
    Having a budget buying spree! Should I get a circular polariser . . . when I have conventional polarisers, bought in film-days for an SLR.?

    Looked on Wikipedia - it's very scant, other than it suggests AF systems prefer it.

    So, the question is then if you have one, how do you know what sort it is; as I've seen one which is in a similar mount (friction twist) and gave strange colours in some positions when viewed with another circular Polariser.
    (Well, printed CPL) . . . I should point out that the filter is affected by the direction the light passes through.

    How do you know the Linear/Circular apart???

    Pricewise the "circular ones" are much more expensive.
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    THIS explains why an AF lens on a digi camera needs a circular filter. I would imagine there will be an id number on the ring which would give what type it is try looking it up on the manufacturers web site.

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