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Thread: Advanced DVD & Blue-ray menu desing

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    Default Advanced DVD & Blue-ray menu desing

    DVD Architect is a powerful tool for authoring and burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs. With it you can design and create the sophisticated discs that you and your clients demand. There's a lot of functionality packed into the DVD Architect menu-building tools, which gives you the power to create highly useful menus for your projects.
    You'll learn how to create custom buttons that look like you want them to look and, just as importantly, act like you want them to act. You'll learn how to add custom artwork, create menus with motion buttons, build buttons that turn subtitles, alternate audio, and alternate-angle video on and off, and more.

    We'll use DVD Architect Pro in this presentation, but much of what we cover will work in DVD Architect Studio as well, so everyone's welcome. If you've ever wanted to take your menu design to the next level, but didn't know exactly how, then this presentation is for you.

    This webinar originally aired February 29, 2012.
    Webinar: Advanced DVD and Blu-ray menu design

    (From Sony Creative media)

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    Thanks for the link, I managed to stay awake for 12mins (out of 1hr), it's obviously good stuff, yet it rather demonstrates the difficulty in using DVD Architect Studio, which I have.

    One has to remember all these steps to avoid disaster, whereas what folk (like me) need is a simple program that lets the Computer do the work.
    I need simple choices:
    DVD or BlueRay.
    Single Vid or menu-based (most of this is present, I know,)
    At this point DVDAS starts to wander off (IMHO), yet it should be a simple choice-based process*
    for example
    Background plain, themed, or user import (option: video, stills, text)
    Buttons (number, shapes, effects, (with option to make them User defined, i.e each different!)
    I found the "Airplane" cutouts confusing since two were the same image, so I'd rather see a numerical option, but frankly I'm happy enough with plain square buttons with a title underneath. If the title enlarged when selected, that would be a vast improvement on what I have presently.

    Then DVDAS should display the layout, so you know if it's balanced, etc. and maybe at this point the cover needs to be started, so the "content order" will match, ( without having to play the DVD). The cover details should be editable as in a Word-processor along with any graphics, if these are different from the above Menu (in the case of a Vid you might want to select a middle frame.).
    The buttons almost design themselves with each of those layers being generated from the above data, yet in that Webinar it seems to be very important the user does this correctly, to avoid disaster.

    * Creating the DVD should maybe take a few minutes . . . it is only based on choice, there being little in the way of "Editing Decisions" ( as in Vegas ) . . . yet I find anything more advanced than plain vanilla is fraught with difficulty. Why?

    I'm not referring to the time it takes to re-render the vid(s), just the Arty-bit selecting clips, buttons, themes, etc. - yet somehow I think an estimate of the time-to finalising would be a good idea . . . . so you can "Save the current layout" while fetching/sending some emails - rather than lock-up the PC for two hours whilst it grinds away on that Epic. Sure, I know it would only be an "estimate" - but better to know if it's twenty minutes, or Two hours, eh?
    A "Show me how"*might also suggest how the render can be speeded up (so you can have a "proof copy" without all the twiddly bits, since most Audiences don't want to see the Menu - a film starts right after the popcorn ads. and as Editor-in-Chief you might have second-thoughts on some scenes anyway, when seen as a whole.
    (So I disagree with the Presenter that a slicker DVD is a good thing - in my mind it just adds time to the Main Event).

    + + + I hope to watch the whole sometime soon . . . thankyou.

    * "Show me how" . . . probably Sony's best innovation to date!
    -but don't let that stop them rewriting the presentation screens, whether DVDAS, or VS, all software has its faults and the human-interface is usually the most obvious.

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    look at my website for a simple way of making DVDs on DVD-A

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    you are making using DVD Architect (Studio or Pro) seem much more difficult than it really is . I admit there's a learning curve with it and it may seem a bit daunting at first with all the options and such, but once you get the hang of it, it does what you want and need, simple or a bit more complicated. And remember there's the Preview window, where you can test all you've done before you burn an actual disc. Take time to watch a few tutorials like the ones on Z Cheema's site. I bet after a bit of practice you'll be completing DVDAS projects in less time than it took you to write your review above . I know I do, though I admit I type real slow with these 12 fingers all the time getting in each others' way on the keyboard ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    This webinar originally aired February 29, 2012.
    Thanks for reminding me, Z. I'd received notification, but forgotten all about it. I can normally achieve what I want with DVDA but often more by luck than judgement or, more often nowadays, by feeling I'm haing to beat it into submission. Would I change it? Well, not all the time I feel I haven't really made an effort to understand it. My fault. Not the products!

    Time to grab a coffee and sit down with my finger on the pause button.

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