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Thread: My new video for Wedding Present

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    Hi all.
    I had a month (part time!) to create a video for the Wedding Present to launch their new album. I'd just dipped into the bank of Mother to buy a 5D MKII (great timing, huh?) so I used this as a project to get a feel of the camera. My friends made the props (jewellery, book cover, illustrations) and I shot, animated and edited in time for them to launch their new album with it.

    It was just under 6 minutes so I had to keep it interesting, so for all WP fans I produced clips of 29 WP references, with the lyrics of the new track.

    Newbie to the forum (looks good!) so I hope I've followed the rules. Please bark at me if I havent!
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    Some nice touches in this but it's very long.

    Here's an editing tip for you. When someone is about to do an action on screen, ie take a pie out of the oven, during editing set the cursor to the beginning of the action and then move forward one or two frames so the motion has just started when you cut to it rather than a fraction of a second before the motion starts. This will make the action look more natural and not

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