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Thread: Help! what's the name of this music?

  1. Default Help! what's the name of this music?

    Hi guys... I'm a video-mixer and I need a music... I have heard the music before but I've never figured out it's name and it's artist... please help! since this music is really popular for video makers (because I've heard it in lots of videos that was related to cars) maybe you can help me to figure out it's name!

    here's a part of the music that I sang it... I even don't have an original part of the music!

    Please help and tell me your guess! even if you think your guess is 1% correct! I do need the music!
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    I will be amazed if anybody gets it from that. Post a link to a real example of where it is used Youtube video etc.

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    Thanks for replying at least!... but if I had a part of the real music I'd use a software like Tunatic so I could find it's name... the problem is I don't have anything of it at all!!! but I just can remember it!

    Here is another one,,, maybe it's more clear:

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    This is like "Never Mind the Buzzcocks"!

    OK, can you give us any more clues?

    Was it a chart ht?
    What sort of era?
    What instruments are you mimicing?
    What Genre might it have been?
    Did it have a vocal?

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    Did it have a frog ?

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    heheh... but I'm serious! the only thing I know is that the music was without vocal and it was a sort of Electronic... I think!

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    I'm not sure what the song is, but you could try
    It's a website where you hum the tune to a song you've forgotten, and it tries to work it out for you.

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    I've tried... but nothing happened... I also tried but... that was not successful neither...

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    Thanks a lot Tim...

    EDIT: Guys... it seems I can't find it! so I'm deleting the files and links that I shared here and also I canceled searching for that...
    I hope one day I get it's name!
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