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Thread: HELP!! - which MIC for Filming to get?

  1. Default HELP!! - which MIC for Filming to get?

    Hi, guys

    Whats a good and inexpensive mic (the less the better) to record voice with a camera (Canon T2i) for a short film, ad and promotional video.

    Thank you so much!

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    I have learned from this forum that getting the mic off the camera and as close to the talent as possible is the key ...this way a cheap lapel mic like the "Audio Technica ATR35" could sound better than a more expensive mic placed further away like 1 and half to 2 feet from the talents mouth.

    Now personally I have found lapel mics not suitable for my stuff (ie)( very dynamic movement) = clothes rustle and other interference but if it is used for an interview situation and you want a cheap as possible mic and a big return on investment ( : performance) why not invest in a "Audio Technica ATR35" they are about 15 - 25 on ebay or Amazon.

    It got very good reviews in the past for a budget affordable lapel mic.

    Hopefully someone else will drop by your thread and give some more advice/recommendations.

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    Choosing the right type of microphone at the beginning will save you headaches later. Rather than trying to get the cheapest one possible ( which will likely not give great results), try and save up as much as you can and invest in the best mic that you can afford. You won't regret it because you will always have something decent to use on future projects. Whatever mic you get, get it off the camera. You will never get good results recording from a camera position. I have written a couple of tutorials that you may find useful if your quest is at all to get better recordings, or to learn more about this aspect of production. Here are links to these:

    The first tutorial is about Microphones
    Microphones: Basic Understanding Of The Different Types

    The second tutorial is about getting good sound for video. Here is that one

    Sound For Film and Video: The Importance of Getting Good Audio

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    It depends on your scene. Also if your going to buy an adapter to use XLR microphones.
    But I'm sure if you go on YouTube and type: good cheap shotgun mic for Canon t2i
    You'll find something that'll meet your needs.

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