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Thread: A little advice for an old newbie

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    Default A little advice for an old newbie

    I now have a TM900 - superb - but which is best - AVCHD or 1080? I have Sony Vegas 11 Platinum so editing is no problem.
    Many thanks

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    AVCHD is the format of the video. 1080p is the resolution (screen size) of the video.

    If I use this analogy it might help explain. Imagen a video is a hot drink like a cup of tea for example, AVCHD would be the PG Tips tea bags or Typhoo tea or what ever. The 1080p would be the size of the cup you put it in.

    If that makes any sense.

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    Love that analogy MB

    I don't drink tea so I am working with Nescafe and Maxwell House.

    Seriously very simple but great explanation of video format and resolution for people like me.

    Thank you

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    Is there some overhead in editing with AVCHD (CPU and disk), which makes some users prefer to convert the files first into another format? Or was that just because not all editing software could handle AVCHD?

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    I think when AVCHD first came out many people found it difficult to deal with in the editing stage but this has changed as hardware and software has improved.

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    It's always been the same for all long GOP formats, ever since HD arrived and the technology moved away from being an output only format, from HDV to AVCHD they all naturally demand more from a processor. In general, the bigger file sizes, being less compressed are easier for a processor to read but demand more from disc performance and the more compressed files being smaller in file size are easier on hard disc data rates but demand more from processor power.

    Hardware and more importantly software advances have made things easier right enough but it will always be the case that converting a long GOP format for editing will make life easier on your system and help optimise your workflow.

    Long GOP was originally designed for output, but got adopted for acquisition in more affordable cameras. It's best to make the most of your system, regardless of how powerful it might be, by converting and not editing with it.


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    Thanks everybody for your interesting and helpful replies. Now I know what to do. Just for interest's sake - I also use Ubuntu and Kdenlive
    seems very happy to edit AVCHD.Regards to all


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    Kdenlive seems very happy to edit AVCHD
    Most NLE's, on a reasonably specced computer, will cut through simple AVCHD edits no problem. When you come to export your video the processing will take a lot longer, but converting it to start off also takes time so that has to be weighed up. The main issue is that you'll start to the notice difference as you progress and want to do more stuff. Any NLE on any specced machine starts to struggle a lot more with AVCHD, or any Long GOP based codec, in comparison to an Intra-frame based codec when you start to pile on effects, colour work, stack clips on tracks etc. etc.

    It doesn't really matter how fast computers get or how clever the programers get at utilising the hardware there will always be a threshold and dude to the nature of the codecs it will always be much higher for intra-frame based codecs. If the hardware is there to be able to process all that missing information in Long GOP then the same hardware can be better utilized while processing intra-frame.


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