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Thread: Sony Z1 or Sony FX1

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    Default Sony Z1 or Sony FX1


    Im looking at buying a second hand video camera and im considering these two options.
    Does anyone have any advise on the best to chose? They are pretty much the same price.
    My biggest needs are low light and wide lens, but the lux and focal lengths appear to be the same.

    Any advise will be appreciated.


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    It might help if you give some idea of what you are filming.

    The Z1 is a very good camera, but not that easy to set-up (IMHO) also being tape it has some drawbacks . . . don't know the FX1.....check their weight also and availability of spares.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I shoot indoor sports with changing light conditions. (amateur).
    Im currently using a Sony HC1E, which isn't great, low light is pretty bad, and the mic seems to pick up the slightest creeks and knocks.

    When you say not easy to set up, what do you mean? Initially?
    I used to have a PD150, and would love a HD equivilent, but money is tight.

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    I have limited exposure to Z1 but I was given a 2pp Set-Up which took ages to ready the camera. By contrast my NEX5 only needs the lenscap removed and press GO.

    Of course the results aren't quite the same, but I can take the NEX places where a Z1 wouldn't be allowed.

    The audio is dfifferent too, with the Z1 having XLR, whereas NEX has only internal Stereo . . . yet strangely I've only once had to "borrow" an audio track - I'd forgotten to take my PalmTrack and separate mic.

    Does that help?

    Recording sports could be an issue where fast-action is concerned. I think the Z1 has CCD which is said to be better than CMOS (for movement).....also few sports halls are good for audio, having bad echos . . . but certainly any operation of the camera will be picked-up by the on-camera mic. (That's why I'm surprised Sony makes a screw-on mic for the NEX5, but there's still no adaptor for XLR).
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    Thanks again,

    Ideally the NEX5 is what i would buy, but....

    I don't need anything too pro, but better than what i've currently got. And i want the body size of Z1 or FX1.
    I don't really understand what you mean with 2pp set up, or by not being able to switch on and record.
    Is it not possible to just switch on and go? Most of the time i would be in full auto.

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