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Thread: Multi-screens turn white upon rendering (with pics)

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    Exclamation Multi-screens turn white upon rendering (with pics)

    Hi there, hoping you guys can help me because I'm seriously struggling! I'm relatively new to both video editing and sony vegas, and I've tried everything I can to resolve this problem.I'm running Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, my computer has an Intel Celeron single-core 2.20GHz processor and 4 gb of ram, and I'm running Windows 7 (not the most powerful set up, I realise)My problem is that if I render multi-screen video at preview quality, it's fine, but if I render as 'Best (Full)', or even final render out as an .avi file, then some of the screens come out as white. I'm running 5 video tracks, 1 audio track. 1 of the video tracks shows, and the rest do not. All 5 video tracks have a border effect on them.render problems.jpgNot sure why this is happening? Rest of the video is fine, only seems to be when there is 5 videos at once. Is it a memory issue? Something else? How do I fix it!

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    I use Studio, but am I to understand this is a Preview issue only?

    Or are you suggesting the final vid after rendering is faulty?
    (Be careful here, as you need a powerful PC to watch anything on yr PC monitor).

    However, if this is prior to Rendering (to make a DVD, for example), then the preview can be a bit of a problem if the hardware isn't up to it . . . and I sometimes struggle with ONE vid, so you're really pushing it, IMHO.

    Perhaps others here will understand more precisely where your issue lies, but I find the story confusing . . . hovever, if you go back to a single video - it all works, - OK?

    Where I have difficulty understanding is that Rendering (for DVD) doesn't show in the preview (other than it's moving along the timeline). . . and isn't really very useful(no Audio), as it's taking processing power, so I make mine quite small. Also, I've noticed that if you play a short clip (a few seconds) the quality improves (and Audio sync) after about six runs.....I understand this is because the files are saved and each "try" makes a small improvement . . . . useful for guaging a sound effect+Title (say).

    However, with yr hardware and Tracks, I'm surprised it Previews at all. BUT that shouldn't prevent a tiresome Renderinig - it will take a long time . . . like overnight, if the vid is at all lengthy.

    Finally, after burning a DVD you should play it back on a TV/DVD player - don't rely on the PC, is my suggestion. It is possible the Rendered Vid(on a DVD), is OK, but it will struggle to play on yr PC . . . . all rather confusing.

    Fix it? Dunno, but you need to match hardware to need and I guess to do what you are attempting needs a cutting-edge hyperthreading six-core processor and lots of RAM (running 64-bits) - the Graphics card can be upgraded when Vegas can use CUDA (anyone know when this will be?)......

    Good Luck.
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