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Thread: plz advise if this spec worth for 350

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    Post plz advise if this spec worth for 350

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I just want some advice on following spec:

    Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz quad core processor w/ Xigmatech high quality heatsink
    6GB DDR3 Memory
    AMD Radeon HD5750 1GB Graphics Card
    250GB and 500GB hard drives
    DVDRW Drive
    PowerX 750w PSU

    is it worth to pay 350 for it?

    I am beginner and planning to use CS5 Adobe Premiere.. will this system handle cs4-5 well with effects and transitions?

    Plz Advise ASAP

    Much appreciated..


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    If the spec is as you say, I guess it's a good deal for such a low price.

    However, I wonder that you shouldn't try to get another HDD, say 2Tb just to be sure it's all OK, as internals are lightning fast....that 250G is a tad small, but I guess you'll use that for the OS.
    Some programs have a nasty habit of insisting on using the C-drive for everything, although you can sometimes direct "saves" elsewhere.
    As a further uplift, you might like to see if they'll upgrade the writer to BlueRay.
    Are you sure you trust this supplier . . . go on.

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    Thank you for replying.. its not through a supplier. I am buying it off from someone as they are upgrading..

    I have another HDD to use. I take it, this is a good system to edit professional wedding movie comfortably with heavey effects and transitions?


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    Yes and no.

    Yes this will allow you to learn video editing and it has enough grunt to perform the FX and transitions.

    No it is not a professional workstation, BUT it's a great system for a beginner.

    I'd say buy if you trust the seller.

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    Thanks Bpotter908

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