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Thread: Sony Nex 5/18-200. Dept of field.

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    I liked the opening shot but you held it too long, I think you should have cut it on the first bass note at 20 seconds. The shot at 2:01 lasts for nearly 20 seconds, half way through it looks like it's going to fade to black but then it comes back

    At 3:32 there is a great shot of a seagull trying to steal another birds dinner but then you cut to a similar shot to the opening shot which has already been done to death then another and another. You then cut nicely to some seaguls and then back to "that" shot again till the end of the video, you even managed to put in a jump cut of "that" shot at 4:29.

    Apart from that you have some nice shots put together with some very relaxing music. As a piece for others to view it's just toooooooo long.

    As the title of the video is Depth of field test I was expecting lots of shallow depth of field but there wasn't that many compared to the lenth of time gave to "that" shot.

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    IMO Its around 2 minutes too long. There are some great shots but many are held for too long. I myself have quite rightly pulled up for this for this on occasion and still struggle with what is the correct length for a scene. I dont think the music helps here either. its a nice piece and suits the footage OK but its a bit plodding and your edits become a bit formula. Cut the intro scene down to 10 seconds Max with a title overlay and make edits snappier throughout. With the quality footage you have i think you'll have a nice little film. I dont mean to sound negative to sound negative... just trying to help

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