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    Default canon md120

    dear guys... please help me... please.. please...
    problem: nothing happen when i plug my dv canon 120 to my laptop via firewire. in short, my laptop cannot detect my DV.

    for your information...,
    a) my IEEE port seems to be working properly.
    b) on my DV lcd display it shown 'DV IN".
    c) my laptop running windows vista
    d) pre-installed power director
    e) bought another 2 sets of firewire cable but still cannot working.

    anybody able to solve my problem?

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    Should it say "DV Out" on your LCD ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Should it say "DV Out" on your LCD ?
    no sir, it shown 'DV IN' on display. i do not know what to do next, please help me...

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    no suggestion?
    no advice?
    no idea? huhuhu...

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    We think it should say dv out. Check your manual.

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    problem solved!!!
    it caused by IEEE fire-wire.
    i purchased 3 pcs of them from electronic shop (brand-new).. non of them works.
    i purchased from Canon Dealer... it works properly.
    can somebody let me know what is the different between these two?
    may be need special cable for canon md120 only?

    anyway thanks por your support.

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