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Thread: Video Preview Hardware Use?

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    Question Video Preview Hardware Use?

    I'm in the process of building a new desktop rig that will partially be targetted at both video editing and gaming.

    I'm unsure as to whether an i7-2600k is worth the extra money. My question however is this:

    What hardware does the video preview window in Sony Vegas (10) use predominantly? CPU? RAM? GPU even?

    This will sway my decision between he i7 or the i5. I don't care about final export rendering time.

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    I asked a similar question when building my last PC a year ago. Like you I was more concerned with preview response than render time.
    Specifically my question was whetehr it was better to go with 16GB and a i7 2600K running at 3.4GHz or go for 8GB with a (soak tested) overcloked i7 2600K at 4.7GHz.
    The response was overwhelmingly in favour of the faster clock speed.

    I cannot comment on the GPU side of things as far as preview is concerned. I have a very basic CUDA card.

    As for teh overclocked CPU - I've not had a problem (other than having to swap out the motherboard as the P67 chipset was an early model which had a recognised problem - swapped out for free. Playing safe (and being lazy) I bought a pre o/c bundle (CPU/RAM/Mobo) from Scan.

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