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    i am trying to copy some old vhs tapes and analog cam corder tapes to dvd...bought this dazzle fusion because it looked the easiest option.but it says i need a compact flash/microdrive and sd/mmc-smartcard-memmory stick.haven't got a clue what there going on i need to get all of these or just some of them and if so which 1's are the best to get ( cheapest would be helpful aswell ).i have a pent 4 2.80ghz.processor. 2.79ghz and 512 ram on a dell.i also have a belkin usb video bus.sorry if this seems to easy for you but a bit new at this copying game...any help would be gratefully appreciated..cheers nicko

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    If all you want to do is transfer some old VHS footage tothe PC then you don't need to worry about the compact flash etc etc.

    I bought one of these (found cheap in Dixons of all places!) for the purpose of transferring old VHS to PC (then later to DVD).

    Worked like a charm first time. The compact flash bit is simply that the unit acts as a multi card reader as well as an analogue-to-digital transfer card.

    Open up Windows Explorer witht eh unit turned on. You should find you have two extra disk drives. Clicking on them shoudl result in a message of the form 'insert a disk into driv x'. If you have a digital card you can insert it into the appropriat eslot and simply read the card as though it were a disk drive.

    But for video transfer you don't need to worry about all that.

    I do my captures using the s/w supplied, giving me nice large avi files which then get imported in Premiere.

    Let me know if you need more.


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    Default dazzle capture card

    thank you very very much millsy..much appreciated..will try it .let you know how i got..cheers again nicko

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