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Thread: Switching from SD to HD editing advice..

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    Default Switching from SD to HD editing advice..

    ..this is something I intend to do in the near future, once I purchase a HD camcorder. I have heard editing HD footage can be a pain in the a**.

    I reckon I have a capable system, which consists of the following specs:

    WIn 7 Home Premium 64bit
    i7 2600k Processor
    16GB RAM
    2TB HDD (RAID)
    2tb external Seagate HDD

    ..of course I will be using PPro CS5.

    I need to know if my system is capable, will I need anything addtional etc and is editing HD footage really a pain? Is rendering/exporting slower than SD? Will I need a video editing card?

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have copied and pasted this recently asked question (ie) similar to yours answered by Bpotter not me

    For HD you really need quad-core and a separate Graphics card - best value from a Desktop with 4G –8 gig RAM running Win7, for example.

    Get Windows 7 Pro if you can, Don't bother with Ultimate or Home Premium. 8GB of ram is great, 12GB is fantastic, Whilst a Quad Core will speed things up, I think you can do what you need with just a dual core, Yes all will be a lot slower, But with an I5 Dual Core, You can at least edit the footage even though renders and exports will take awhile.

    Make sure you have room for those extra SATA HDD's (when prices come down, late 2012) as I had issues with spare SATA sockets on MBO that wouldn't work beyond three.
    Valid but don't expect prices to fall for a long time...

    + USB3 is the minimum for external storage, although many are still only -2. I use eSATA but that seems to be a forgotten standard.
    Don't discount Firewire 800! FIrewire may be old but it is still ace for data transfer. and eSATA is common enough to be found on devices!

    You'll need ITb min, eg 1x500G OS and programs + 500G files
    I have a 128GB OS drive, and I have 30GB spare even after loading programs like CS5.5 production premium and other large software suites, You do not need a massive OS drive. Better to get a smaller faster OS drive and data disks that are purely for data.

    Hope this helps it seems your system is way good enough

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    Adobe offer guidance on the hardware/os requirements. Perhaps this is the page
    System requirements | Design Standard

    HD can contain more data than SD. Consider how many more pixels there are to deal with.
    I suspect HD requires more of everything; e.g diskspace,screen size,CPU, RAM and Video card.
    Your PC already has some kind of video card, but you need examine whether or not CS5 can make use of it. Or whether you need invest in a superior video card. I believe the correct card can offer sustantial speed increases.

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    Getting a Quadro 2000 will vastly improve editing.

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    Thanks for the response guys..

    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    Getting a Quadro 2000 will vastly improve editing.
    Really? More details pls..

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