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Thread: hi i have a few questions

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    Default hi i have a few questions

    i bought pinnacle studio 14 when i bought a tv, hdpvr so i could record my games

    i own a toshiba laptop and yes i know many say dont do vid. editing on a lap top but im not trying to have 2 computers.

    pinnalce runs UBER slow when i try to actually watch the movies im trying to edit, and its so bad that all u hear is the sound but the picture barely moves or jumps. so i used to use it and just would write down the times of what i wanted to keep and cut out the now i use WMM which isnt bad but doesnt have any effects options and what not.

    is upgrading my CRAP ram to higher spec going to solve this issue?

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    I'm not sure upping the RAM will solve this. With Pinnacle, it does what's called a pre-render which means it renders the video every time you change some thing. When I used it with my old computer I found it's often best to just wait for it to do it's stuff before you try and preview it. You can see it's progress and when it's finished at the top of the video track.

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    As a rule, faster PCs can better perform video editing.
    But. I would check how well another editing app works, compared with Pinnace. e.g. Sony (Vegas) offer free trials from their range. It may be worth trying one and seeing how that performs.
    There may be other reasons that Pinnacle performs badly, so comparing it with Vegas would be useful to you.
    I have never touched 'Pinnacle'. It may be that it does not prefer your format of video; and maybe has a hard time reading it. Does it appear sluggish when editing other type (formats) of video file?

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    no, i know it does the render thing, i let it complete and still its SUPER sluggish...the file format is avchd

    and pinnacle is made to work with that format..but now that u say it yea when i edit something i recorded with my camera it is way easier but avchd format is sluggish and choppy so i have to use seek bar to get to various points ect.

    ill give sony vegas a try but i think regardless ill up the ram just for sake of argument.

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