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Thread: How can I copy DV tape to card/HDD

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    Default How can I copy DV tape to card/HDD

    I have a Panasonic DV camcorder which has produced some excellent tapes over the years. I now use a Panasonic TM900 which is the ultimate as far as I am concerned.
    But how can I copy the DV tapes onto a permanent media either card or HDD? The DV has firewire out but my new PC 9especially for video editing) does not. So I'm stuck. Please ccan someone help? I do apologise if this is the wrong forum for elderly newbies like me.
    Many thanks.

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    The cheapest way would be to buy a FireWire card FireWire Port Cards

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    I use firewire like Marc suggests to get footage from the DV tapes shot on my Panasonic NVGS400 mindv camcorder to my a treat.
    I store my footage on HDD and also on DVD
    I use (WMM 2.1) and import and export as DV-AVI so minimal compression of footage ... creates big files admitted but at least you have good original footage to archive can compress it later on if you need to upload (ie) "You tube" or "Vimeo" etc.

    Good luck

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    Many thanks for both your helps. Ten minutes after posting the cry for help I had a sudden memory - went up in the loft and retrieved an old Toshiba Satellite. This has Firewire in and out and is currently capturing the Panasonic tapes to another oldie - a 300G HDD. So I am saved. Once again many thanks for your advice. But I will buy a card for my desktop just for safety's sake in the future.

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    Drawstop, - good to read you've fixed it, but you'll have to get another HDD as they fill up rather quickly - and an "old Disc" is unlikley to be as reliable as your tape (although handier to use).
    The Firewire Card (post#2), is still a good idea.
    I bought a 2Tb HDD (bare) for 90 recently, now that HDD prices have dropped.

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