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    This is my first try at editing any video with GoPro cameras. I mostly want to know if for the most part, it keeps you interested thorughout the majority of the video. Thanks!

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    Yes and No... Yes because the music is pumped and for a guy who doesn't live in snow (me) it is quite fun to watch someone ski. No because nothing is really happening, besides you just going down the slope.

    Check out this video: GoPro HD HERO camera: The Ski Movie - YouTube Now, I know they have multiple camera's and are pro skiers. However, a lot of what they do video wise, you could do in post. It just requires a little bit of time to splice different pieces together, mess with speed control, etc. You had some good footage, you could do a great mash up with it.

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    Firstly just staying up right on skis is an achievement but also filming your self at the same time is beyond my ability. BUT having said that the video needs more variety to hold viewer interest.

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