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Thread: Vegas 10 lack of free memory consequenses

  1. Exclamation Vegas 10 lack of free memory consequenses

    Hello, i have recently encounter a returning problem with
    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0

    After a while, when pressing "play" to keep previewing,
    i will hear the sound playing for only 0.000001 sec then the entire preview stops itself
    at that location, so im getting 1 sec preview

    Another message will follow often tho, Vegas will complain of to little free memory,
    i dont know if that relates to computer ram or an IN-Vegas memory setting??
    but it doest help to close down other program and use free ram tools atleast

    In any case can i have of you a reasonable memory value to increase to within settings?

    Have you by the way ever encounter that as soon as you klick with your mouse so Vegas 10 (atleast) isnt longer the primary window
    in your entire windows 7 login!! if another window will overlay, or if you minimize and re-optimize
    the program, it will start ro reload the focus into getting mouse movement control within Vegas interface,
    this loading "hanging" procedure takes 15 seconds of your life every time it happens, and you cant avoid it happen

    Could this be related to this low memory above?

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    How about telling us what OS, RAM, Graphics card and so on you have?
    Also can you explain what movies you are editing.....HD/frame-rate.

    Without knowing basic operating conditions everything else is just spin . . . IMHO.

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    Not sure if Plat has the same option as a pro, but if focus is not on the program all the video is released and when you click on Vegas again it takes sometime to get it up and running again.

    This can be changed in preferences.

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