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Thread: Combine Camera , Slides and Video like news casters

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    Question Combine Camera , Slides and Video like news casters

    Hi ; i am looking to record videos like in news channels where you have one camera for News Caster, bullets of news in Slide and some time a recorded video also play .

    Any solution for above ? which software and hardware will be required.

    I have macbook but windows machine can also be arranged.

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    Howdy. So news channels don't record. Most everything except B-Roll (Recorded video that sometimes plays relating o the subject matter) is done live. A lot of sports outlets inside America use something called a TriCaster, which is essentially a studio in a box. When I was going to school in Reno I had a chance to visit the CBS station here. To broadcast digital, HD news that's live, it was a multi million quid set-up. ₤400,000 for the switcher board alone. A switcher board is a board of buttons which allow a Tech Director to switch between cameras, overlay graphics, and run B-Roll.

    In America there are no stations with only one camera on the anchor because it's boring. People have short attention spans so you need to keep it up using a variety of camera angles and B-roll. When Walter Cronkite was broadcasting on CBS he did have one camera, and no B-Roll, but you have to remember TV's were still brand-spanking-new. CBS Reno has two cams. One for two-shots, and one that switches between close-ups of each anchor.

    If one were to fake it you could get away with using one camera, cutting, photoshop to create side overlays and lower thirds and just edit the B-Roll in an editor and import it all in. Macs are great for editing. I work in an all Mac shop. We have almost 70 Apple Computers in studio ranging from MacBooks to MacPros running Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X. If possible I'd get Final Cut Pro 7 as it gives you much more control.

    Hope it helped!

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