Hi all first time poster here.

I have Vegas Studio Platinum 11, and am getting a shed load of crashes. The issue is related to memory use. I have a 16gb 64 bit Windows 7 machine, which is handling other programs fine, using up to 10gb per process. I appreciate VSP is 32 bit, but even so I can't get above around 1.6gb without a crash. The system becomes more unstable as it approaches this limit. Usually when rendering a finished file at this point, it will always crash. The only solution is to split up a project - even my recent 4 minute one was too much for it, and I had to split it in half, then combine the rendered final version into a new project.

I've been studying Task Manager, and it's whole memory management looks very odd to me. If I click another program - say, Task Manager - the ram use drops down to around 300mb. When I click back to Vegas, it shoots back up again, and repopulates all the thumbnails. Is this normal? No other program of mine behaves like this.

I like the program, it does pretty much all I need, but it seems incredibly unreliable and flaky. I don't think others are getting the same problems I have - any suggestions on how to make it more solid? Thanks in advance.