Hi everyone,

This is a problem I've been living with to a while and I'm going to end it today!

I've been using Sony Vegas for years filming with various HD formats, mov, m2t, etc... Now whenever I've finished my project and rendered it for Architect it's always lost definition and I don't mean because it's obviously gone down from 1920 to 756 but it actually turns blurry. Unlike when you take a HD picture in to photoshop and 'image resize' the picture does not appear to get sharper.

I've read a couple of plausible statements as to why it's different with video as opposed to a still...

1. The mpg2 compression in Vegas and Architect isn't very good.
2. Unlike when you reduce the size of a still image where the most dominate coloured pixel wins and the rest discarded (apparently), with film the pixels are merged to make an average.

I'd put 'the blur' down to my lack of understanding of codecs but I'm beginning to believe these two statements are correct.

Any input, advice or a solution is very welcome!