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Thread: From the Front Row - Close Enough

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    I made the following videos for a non-profit organization. The first one didn't have any color correction at all, in the second one I started playing with "Match Colors" in Final Cut Pro X, and kept on matching to other frames to get a more "coherent" feel between the camera angles.

    First Video:
    From the Front Row: Close Enough - In Medea's Arms - YouTube

    Second Video:

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    This is one of those videos where there isn't very much technically wrong with it but it just doesn't work. The content is not good enough to carry the very basic shots that you have. As a piece of documentation it works as the images are clear and the sound is clean but as a piece of entertainment it doesn't work for me.

    What would I have done different ? I would have made the set look very different with the use of lighting that fitted with the mood of the song and used a greater variety of shots. With extreme close ups, lots of different angles etc....

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    Have to agree with Midnight.
    The background is messy and a distraction. If you want musical paraphenalia around, that's OK, but the shot looking out through the window is incredibly untidy and makes the other stuff look more like clutter than artistically placed.
    I suspect i's been shot like this because you have no lighting - in which case find a better place to set up. Or film it outside.

    Don't worry about it not being live audio. So long as you sing along (rather than mime) it will look fine. By separating the audio recording from the visuals, you'd saving yourself from having to concentrate on too many things.

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    Thanks a lot for your input. We're filming a session with another band tomorrow. We'll try not to film through the window, get some extra lighting and put some less musical paraphernalia around

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    I used some of the good advice, this is a quick montage of the first song of the band that came in today.

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    I don't know if it was your changes or if it was that the song was more engaging (Great vocals) but I like this one better. Technically the white balance is a bit off but that doesn't kill it for me. Next time you do a shoot like this. Do the shoot in this normal way THEN get them to do it again miming to what they just recorded and use more interesting camera angles. This will give you two more options in the edit and create a much more interesting piece. When you have got the hang of doing that think about how you can make the lighting more interesting. Lighting isn't just about having enough light so we can see it's about light AND shade.

    Good luck.

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    I still think earlier comments on the room haven't been adressed, - if these are for the benefit of the Bands (Promo) then it needs to look less like someones front room.

    Never tried it myself, but maybe some smoke/fog could help - and if possible move away from the backwall, even if the performers are close to the facing wall (which we don't see). Otherwise a blue background and try (later?) to bluescreen-in some appropriate background. (You can turn the band round for cutaway "back-shots" so the blue-screen will show a gathered audience, filmed separately - but watch the scene, kinda matches.)
    FWIW I think the opening of a song should show the vocalist, even if only for the first line, as it makes "connection" (last vid)....
    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Do the shoot in this normal way THEN get them to do it again miming to what they just recorded and use more interesting camera angles.
    We want everything to be 100% live and real, no miming.

    vidmanners, you say the room looks like someones front room. Please do explain

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    We want everything to be 100% live and real, no miming.
    Well, I find this a very narrow minded view. Who are you making the videos for. Who is supposed to watch them. Like I said in my first post you are making a documentary that these people have done this thing, rather than recording an event to make it aesthetically pleasing to the general public BUT I guess that is a subjective thing. There is nothing wrong with getting an artist to re-do the song so you can get more angles, either that or get more cameras.

    It's not as if you are not getting the initial recording with the first take. In my eyes it is perfectly acceptable to get them to do it again to get the extra footage you need to polish up your videos.

    The only other solution is to get the look really interesting with lighting then if the song is really good you might get away with your "Live on Abby Road session" type shoot.

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    Then we'll get the look really interesting with lighting We're indeed trying to make a "Live from Abbey Road"-type of videos. The core idea of our (non-profit) organization is creating possibilities in arts for young people. The "From the Front Row"-video's are for showcasing the band, creating a snapshot of the band on that certain date/time, and an opportunity for the bands to record live.

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