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Thread: Teddy gets ready - kids learning vid

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    Default Teddy gets ready - kids learning vid

    Hope you enjoy! My Fiance designed the bear and script! I animated it as best as I could lol

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    I liked the length, the script, how his eyes blinked, the strong colours and the clear, sharp image. All good stuff.
    There may be some imperfections, e.g around 0:07/0:08, I thikn Teddy's body appears to jerk sideways by a pixel or two when he blinks. Or maybe if was a side effect from the background (moving) clouds.

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    It's not easy putting your self in the mind set of a preschool child and hitting the right level BUT I think you hit the right level with this.

    Well done.

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    I think TimA is right, there is a small jump when Teddy blinks (and I notced another)

    I wonder whether a child would notice the colour appearing in the rainbow at the same time as the item of clothing. It certainly took me a while!

    May I suggest that rather than the colour band in the rainbow and the new item of clothing simply appear, they appear and disappear three times (ie flash) to draw attention to them. I also think that the rainbow should be done after or before the item of clothing.

    For example:

    "Put on your BLUE" (stress the word blue and pause while the blue arc of the rainbow flashes three times) "hat, Teddy" (blue hat flashes there times)
    Possibly use a sound effect to accompany the falshing - just a "ting, timg, ting" or something.
    And maybe go up a major scale with each new colour.

    Finally, it cuts off very abruptly. The final picture should last for a while and let the music finish. Children like all the signposts that something has concluded.

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    I must admit I didn’t notice the colour appearing in the rainbow till Tim pointed it out.

    Flashing a few times might work well as Tim suggests .

    Certain clothes appeared at the same time as you were saying they would then others appeared a second later which I think is best (ie) small pause before child sees result after being told.

    Didn’t think the pot of gold matched the rest of the look ??? Which I liked very much by the way.

    Could you draw it in same style as the rest of the video (bear and rainbow)?

    Must admit I don’t find it hard thinking like a child so I enjoyed you video very much.

    Well done

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    As a new dad, I note one common theme in pre-school tv: repetition of a very limited flow of information. There's normally up to 3 elements introduced. And these are typically repeated three times, as Tim alluded to. Your video introduces 8 colours within 60 seconds, with some colours being indistinguishable from the others.

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