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Thread: WTB : Sony Infrared Light

  1. Default WTB : Sony Infrared Light

    I'm trying to get hold of one of these for when i get my camera.

    Its the Sony HVL-IRM Camcorder Infrared Light. I've looked through ebay, amazon and various other places but couldn't find one.

    If anyone has one or knows of anyone that has one, i'd be very interested to hear from them please


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    Much cheaper... Go to ebay and search on "infrared led light". You will find 12v lights for a lot less than one with "sony" on the front. You might have to make up a connector but it should save you a lot of dosh.

    The security camera lights from Hong Kong for about 7 do the same job.

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    I've got a thing against ordering stuff from china.

    I have ordered the bracket though. If anyone else is trying to find these, search for 'flash clamp' and you'll find what you're looking for in all shapes and sizes! :P

    So yeah, i just need to get the IR light now, battery powered obviously.

    Any ideas?

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    So i've taken your advice, kind of :P

    Normally as a rule i wouldn't buy anything from hong kong, but there is so little available for this sort of thing its unreal!

    So, i'm looking at this LED light with a brightness control, AA powered. Perefect but its not infra red.

    LED Video Light Lamp Practical For DV Camcorder Camera Lighting Lighweight New | eBay

    But, the actual infrared led's are DIRT cheap!!! So i was thinking, the screw holes on the back of that thing are fairly obvious and i'm a dab hand at soldering.

    good plan or not?!

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    I can understand your reluctance to buy from China and there are some things I wouldn't touch with a bargepole (copied microphones and "proper" lights come to mind) but your Sony light was made in China, probably on the same production line as the cheap leds on ebay.

    Why not just get an infrared lamp to start with?

    This seems to be almost identical in size to the sony and runs off its own internal battery which is charged via a usb cable.

    Night Vision Paranormal 36 IR Infrared LED Video Camera Light Ghost Hunting 6x6 | eBay

    or something like this...

    48 LED illuminator light CCTV IR Infrared Night Vision | eBay

    Which requires you to get a power supply but saves you mucking about with individual leds. FYI leds aren't interchangeable, you can't just swap any old infrared led for a white one. Leds can be "blown" really easily with the wrong voltage and, of course, you won't be able to see that they're blown until night time!

    Or have a look at this...


    which is a home-made lamp which seems amazing.

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