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    Hi There

    New to this forum. My question is about capturing video from VCR. Got 12 year old precious footage that i wanted on my computer for editing and then placing on dvd. Got myself Dazzle to convert it into my PC, works fine.

    Problem is there's a huge reduction in quality when i stick in the burnt dvd into my standalone dvd player. Even when i set the dvd to burn at highest possible quality, I get this blurry/pixilated/choppy version of the clear footage i put into the computer. I'm using Nero to burn.

    The PC is brand new, a Dell Dimension 5000 with over 1 gig of ram and 80 gigs of hard drive and a cpu pentium 4. I don't have a firewire outlet so my only option with old tapes or my new mini dv cam is to hook up the dazzle cable. Is that the issue?

    If installing a firewire port resolves this, does anyone know what those things cost you to buy? Any ideas as to how to stop this problem would be really appreciated!

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    firewire PCI cards are pretty cheap, about 15-20 max, if you're using USB this will most likely be the cause of your problem, It's definitely worth getting a firewire card.
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    ... but then you have to give up the USB device (Dazzle), because it has no Firewire connection, and get an ADC (like Canopus), which will add at least another $100 to your grand total.

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    or use the passthrough on the camera.
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