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    Continuing on my theme of; I rode this, here is the recent trek over the High Peaks. Previous recommendations for improvements have been around the narrative. I've tried to make the gate and first rocks an important note point by excluding them from the sound track. Hopefully, when the ride comes full circle back to the rocks and finally gate, the story feels like it has some closure. Otherwise - I don't think the transitions have been particularly adventurous. What else would you like to see? I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut and not sure where to take my learning curve to next. Footage will always be of riding though.
    One Loose Crank's mountain biking blog: First sunny ride of 2012: Cut Gate

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    Sorry, but I really struggled with this.

    The whole thing is from one perspective and it doesn't necessarily give a feel for the ride or the skill involved.
    In the first half especially, presumably because you're riding uphill, virtually all we're seeing is the track immediately ahead of the bike. Imagine a shot taken from the form of a railway loco pointing down and looking straight ahead or a camera positioned similarly on the front of a car. Irrespective of the scenery and terrain all we see is track or road. Here, of course the track varies quite a it so it's notr quite the same but it's a similar effect after 15-20 seconds - and because of teh bumpy ride they're not exactly clear shots.

    Contrast this with an earlier film where we saw you riding over a 1ft wide raised track of tree trunk halves. Here (a) the track was smoother so the shots were clearer (b) you were riding more slowly so we could see more clearly (c) we could see the trak was raised and narrow and could really appreciate the skill of the rider.

    To make matters worse, when you did raise your head there was terrible flare which made it impossible to see the environment (and I found myself squinting).

    The second half didn't suffer quite so much. The camera was tilted a bit further up so we could see a bit more of what was coming and get a bit more of a perspective as well as see a bit more of the environment. Also the sun was not directly in front of you.

    As you can see, bright clear skies are great in many ways, but not always from the point of view of a video camera.

    But the gate thing worked well!

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    A bit long, I thought. But I liked many of the colours; and was surprised the camera/bike did not judder as much as I might expect. Unlike my old bike, I suspect yours has some suspension!
    The feeling I got was that I was no wiser about the route/distance/elevation of the route, where these hills are, or the distance covered. Might it be possible, next time, to include some shots of the hills from a distance?

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