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Thread: Coast - Cinematography (Jay Livingston & Ray Evans: To Each His Own)

  1. Default Coast - Cinematography (Devendra Banhart: Autumn's Child)

    Another video I done diddly using a home made slider (made using a drawer slide).

    2nd edit. Knocked off 40 seconds and used a different song.
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    Well it's a bit of a mixed bag, some nice shots, some not so good. I would agree it's long but understand you was playing with your new toy.

    I would recomend you take a spirit level with you the next time you use your slider.

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    The shots that arent level are meant to be as such! Spent a little time in post adjusting a couple of shots I wanted straightened.

    I shot this at 60fps 720p and there really was a noticeable jump in compression (straight from the camera) which made a few shots even duller than they were.

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    We like home made sliders on Digital Director lets see the beast

    nice video BTW.

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    I've just reuploaded the video using a different song and knocked off 40 seconds. There really was some unnecessary shots going on. You opened my eyes Midnight Blue


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    I'd say that's a big improvement if I could remember the other one.

    The slider seems to work remarkably well for it's design.

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    I saw a tutorial on Youtube for it. I'm certainly no wizard in a tool shed but it really is pretty special for the tenner it cost me.

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    As I understand it, a big part of using a slider is being able to controll it well - smooth and even movement with a gentle accelleration and decelleration.
    The slider you've build may have only cost a few quid and may not have the fluidity and dampening of "proper" models, but you are working within the limitations of the design and producing some excellent results. And it's the results that count.
    As for the film - each to his own, but I really don't like the tilted shots

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