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Thread: DV camera with Nightshot???

  1. Default DV camera with Nightshot???

    'm trying to get hold of a camera capable of filming in no light, doesn't have to be amazing. From the research i've done already, I know that i'm looking for a sony camcorder with Nightshot on it.

    Now, i've seen a few of these that use DV tapes, BUT there are a few variations of the nightshot (super nightshot and nightshot plus) which are NOT as good as the standard nightshot.

    So, does anyone know if there are any models that use DV tapes and have the standard Nightshot (NOT Super or plus)

    Aleternatively, if anyone knows of any other cameras that would let me film in infra red light that would be great

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    When it comes to infrared, Sony seem to be the favourites.

    Basically all camcorders could film infrared as the sensors are sensitive to it but... there is a filter placed in front of the chip to stop the IR light. This is because IR light is not normally a good thing to have hitting the chip. Sony have an infrared light which switches on combined with an anti-IR filter which slides out of the way, and allows this IR light to hit the sensor. It is called all sorts of things such as super nightshot or nighshot plus but is essentially the same thing.
    So, bung on an IR filter and you have lots of cool effects.

    However... Some sneaky people discovered that in some circumstances, some materials let IR light through, in essence became slightly transparent, so Sony, in order to stop people trying this out, tried various ways to "block" cameras from going into nightshot mode in daylight. The most obvious being by having a built-in video light which switches on when the camera goes into nightshot mode.

    But the fact is that if you bung an IR filter in front of a camera in nightshot mode, you will still get the cool IR effect, just with an annoying little light shining on the front of the camera.

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    Cheers for the reply dude

    Shortly after posting this, I uncovered some great news which will make my search infinatly easier!!! The 'super' part of the nightshot made, (which lowers the frame rate drastically) can be turned off!!!

    So yeah, it doesn't actually matter which version of nightshot the camera has on it as it can be altered.

    I'm happy now

    Cheers for the reply.

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