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Thread: A Video Made and Edited by Myself. Please Give Me Advice!

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    Smile A Video Made and Edited by Myself. Please Give Me Advice!

    Hi all! I am Martin Wong from Hong Kong. I am participating in a global contest hosted by EF (Education First), the world’s largest English learning company. I made a 3 minute video for this competition. This is the second time I made and edited video myself. So please give me some advice if you want. Link is down at the bottom.

    Last but not least, I hope to get as many votes for this video as I can. The winner of this contest is a 3 month internship in 3 countries in 3 continents. This is indeed a very exciting opportunity.

    Please help me make this dream come true. Check out the link: Global Intern 2012and then go to the 4th video to vote for Martin Wong from Hong Kong. Thank you for supporting!

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    PS. this is indeed a lifetime chance. And I need it! Thank you for your advice and support!

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    is there anyone who will kindly vote for me? I NEED YOU! thanks!!

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