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Thread: Vegas and Fraps (weird rendering issue)

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    Default Vegas and Fraps (weird rendering issue)

    Hello there,
    I currently have this weird rendering issue with Vegas where it would just freeze while rendering (the "time left" timer still counting down to zero). I would then have to exit the program via task manager.
    At the moment this only seems to be happening when I import I recorded with fraps...and...(here comes the weird part) change their playback speed?! If I'd just leave the playback speed on 1 everything seems to be fine (at least while rendering). The thing is I need to change the playback speed of my clip. Also, Vegas doesn't even give me any kind of error message. Besides that sometimes if I just move around the timeline I get the error "unrecognised frame format. install the latest version of fraps" (i have the latest version...).

    I tried reinstalling fraps (to reinstall the codec) AND vegas (also in other locations since i have my clips on E: and my program on C: but having vegas on E: changes nothing...).

    Also I didn't encounter this error until yesterday...I was fine with rendering and such until that...told you it's weird ^^

    Seems kind of hopeless but maybe someone is able to help me

    and yes, I converted it to lagarith codec also once to try it but it wouldn't render either

    I use Vegas 11.0
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    So what has changed between now and yesterday ?

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    ??? I said the error didn't occur until yesterday
    And I really don't know what I changed, I had similar issues before but just very randomly but now they happen regularly -.-

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    I had many problems with Fraps and not just in Vegas, other video editing programs too, it seems that it just uses a pretty poor codec but im stuck with fraps because i cant find anything better. (well i found one thing 20x better that works flawlessly in every video editing software apart from vegas, typical lol)
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