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    What do you guys think

    I need good opinions on this one

    I'm trying to improve my content

    Please leave comments and like on the video

    I hope you enjoy

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    I think you need to look at how you focus your camera as most of the shots are well out of focus. This could be due to you having the earphones too close to the camera so it couldn't focus or you just didn't bother with trivial like having the item in focus. You will find with distractions like that, people will not concentrate on the information you are telling them.

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    Many shots included wobbling fingers. It was a little distracting. Might there be a better way to display some of the parts? For example, how about using a small turntable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExtremeTV View Post
    What do you guys think
    I think you should remove all the other links to this video thay you've placed on this site to avoid being picked up by one of the mods as a spammer and being banned.

    We don't mind giving feedback here and we don't mind you plugging your work and/or services.

    What we do object to is finding the same bloody video plastered all over the forum.

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