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Thread: Demo map, using data from OpenStreetMap.

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    Default Demo map, using data from OpenStreetMap.

    This is partly a follow up to the thread at .
    This demonstration does not use SVG. Instead, it uses a large image of the map and displaces it using hypsometric (height) data. The resulting 3d model is then animated.

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    Nice work Tim. This seems to work really well on the lower camera angles. This got me thinking about a piece of software I used a while back called Terragen. It's a photo realistic 3D landscape creation tool. I think I can remember that you can import "terrain maps" Which is just a grey scale image, the software looked at dark parts as being high and light parts being low. If you could make an importable image from a map you could make a photo realistic terrain. There is a restricted use free download from here.

    Some of the images you can create with it are stunning.

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    nice work tim.

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