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Thread: Extreme lag in Sony Vegas 8.0/9.0 - DxTory

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    Default Extreme lag in Sony Vegas 8.0/9.0 - DxTory

    So, i've been recording some gameplay with DxTory with an x264vfw codec.
    The end result is in an .avi file which is about 48 minutes long, 9,1GB large.
    Also, i've done a new recording where the file is 23 minutes long, 6,48GB in size just to be sure that it isnt the first file thats the problem.

    Im doing this in Vegas 9.0 Pro because 10.0 doesent support x264 anymore and i understand that it takes some time to load such a large file, but i really cant work with it.
    Everytime i try to jump to a different time in the timeline it takes about 10 seconds do even get there and to preview the video is impossible, it lags extremely much and most of the time i get "Sony Vegas 9.0 dont respond" and the program crash.

    So now im wondering if it is the file thats the problem or just the sheer size of the file? I've been working with FRAPS files before and made 3-4 min long videos, where only 45 seconds is about 4GB, so i dont understand why the 9GB file would be a problem?

    When i cut down the video to about 15 seconds, it still lags and i cant preview anything, so i really could use som help here.
    I've changed the preview settings to very low quality, with no different result.

    When i record with the same codec and cut it off after about 10 seconds i can work with the file without a problem, but when i get up to that 15-20 minute mark it all goes to hell.

    Could really use some help here!

    Specs on my computer:
    Mobo: MSI P67A-GD65 REV B3
    CPU: Intel Core I5 2500kK 4,2 Ghz
    GPU Geforce GTX 580 SLI
    RAM: Corsair 16GB CL9 1600Mhz
    PSU: Corsair TX 850W V2 80+ Bronze
    Sysdisc: Corsair SSD Force 3 Series 120GB
    HDDs: Western Digital Caviar Black 1,0TB, Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB

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    So, i just tried out something.
    I copied 14 FRAPS files, put them right into vegas and the preview works like a charm.
    So, 23 minutes - 9 GB DxTory files wont work with the preview/editing.
    But 10 minutes - 49 GB FRAPS files works without a problem, i really dont understand why the x264 codec wont work with Vegas. :/

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    Add something like:
    --keyint 15
    to the command line in the x264vfw settings from Dxtory.
    Vegas needs a set keyframe interval when you have x264 in an avi container like dxtory produces.

    I had the exact same issue before and had to do a bit of research and troubleshooting to figure out exactly what was happening.
    Adjust the keyframe interval however you want. The larger the setting, the longer Vegas will take to produce a preview. I find 15 to be a good middleground.

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    Do you really mean keyframe ?

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