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Thread: Crowdfunding 'Like Father'

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    Smile Crowdfunding 'Like Father'

    Hi guys,

    I've been running a crowdfund for my latest film and am in the final 48 hours to raise as much as possible.
    We've so far raised 34% of our goal, which is pretty fair. We've had a huge amount of support and a great team really dedicated to making an amazing film.

    The short film is my graduation film for my BA(Hons) Film and Video degree, set in 1960s Wales. Based on a true story, we've a man named Phil who is too attached to his prizewinning horse to see the importance of the decisions being made about his son's future. Working with animals is a mammoth task, and as the Editor I'm pulling hair out just going through the clips and making it flow perfectly between the positioning of the actors and the horse.

    If you're interested in what we're doing, take a look at the interview I recently edited for a film pitch, now on our crowdfunding page. There's more information on what the film is about and why we're passionate about making it too. If you're extra kind, please throw in a penny in our final 48 hours and we'll return the favour in love and hugs.

    Like Father Crowdfund

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    Good luck. I'm sure you'll do it.

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    looking good may I suggest putting some Bios up of the people involved in the project onto your sponsume page. Also info of anyone who is backing you in other ways - whos helping you with the horses, is the university backing it in someway (studio space/kit).. all helps to show that you guys are already proactive at gaining support and ensuring that the film will be completed, as well as add a personal touch
    Bulk up you profile is more appropriate.. it all shows a level of openness and people are more willing to give when they feel there is a level of transparency
    Maybe if you can secure deals on sets and props you could add those details in as updates. Other crowd funding platforms allow you to do this, not looked at sponsume too much.

    With two days to go though, this info may be a little late. so in the meantime - tweet the hell out of it! If anyone in your group knows anyone remotely famous/ locally famous etc then ask them to tweet or facebook about the project. If friends and family haven't come across crowdfunding or are scared of transferring money over the internet, take their cash and top up the online fund using your bank card if thats possible to reflect the success of your funding capabilities.

    These last couple of days are terrifying usually.. push hard and you'll succeed

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    Best of luck ......

    Phil sounded like a fantastic guy !

    Someone who loves animals that much has a wonderful soul.

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    Thanks guys,
    and thanks fuzzymuffin. Some really good tips there that I think I'll use on the next crowdfund. I'm pretty confident more could be done to fill out the profile and the info page, so I think I'd spend a lot longer making that look really good and packed with useful stuff.

    EDIT: I've just added some production photos to the gallery on that page.
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