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Thread: SUNDAY - (2012) (UK Indie feature) Trailer

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    Default SUNDAY - (2012) (UK Indie feature) Trailer

    Hi there,

    Noob alert Hope this is the right place.

    So thought i'd start with an easy one.. blatant plugging for our debut offering, a UK Indie feature called SUNDAY.

    You can see the trailer from our facebook page

    ..or directly on youtube, 'SUNDAY' (2012) Trailer HD (UK Indie Film) - YouTube

    It was made for less than 1k.

    It is the story of a man at a crossroads in life, trying to come to terms with recent loss and a history of abuse, but there is hope, in the joyful life of his daughter.

    He becomes aware for the first time that life or death is in his own hands.

    Sunday..Some days can Kill.......

    Anyway. Any advice as to where else to stick it to get some interest would be really welcome.

    This is our first feature. There are as yet no plans for release. We will be putting on a showing in Brighton next month and hope to attract some bods down. It's very much been our own "Film School" these past two years.

    Thanks in advance guys. Look forward to your comments.

    Bad Dad Films

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    Looks like a very powerful story. Good luck.

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    Not exactly a feel good film but films like this need to be made and have an important message.
    I thought the trailer did a great job promoting the film.

    I love the films title "Sunday " .

    It is obvious from your trailer that you know what you are doing but the only thing I would say is to shorten the trailer sightly by cutting out some unneeded scenes.

    But like Midnight said it looks a very powerful story.

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    Look much bigger than a sub 1k producton. Very impressinve. Looking forwrard to the final product.

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    very nicely shot but for a trailer its a bit long IMO.

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    Thanks very much for the feedback. Really gratifying. Totally get the length issue, and will take that on board. It's getting that balance of giving enough but not too much. Definitely worth discussion. Going to spend some time looking at other projects on here. Nice vibe on here

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    Yea it's a great forum

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