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Thread: Analog Motion Shuttering Issue

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    Default Analog Motion Shuttering Issue

    Hi all. I live in Australia so i'm on a PAL system. My PC is fairly new. I have this issue when after editing/burning to DVD, playback of anything moving shutters. Its almost unwatchable in parts. I have some footage from an older Sony Betacam (analog). I capture the footage via a Sony VA-300 playback adapter into a Dazzle then into Pinnacle Studio 14. I'm saving this file as an AVI and then editing this in Premier elements 9 ( I prefer to edit in PE9). It all looks fine on the PC but when i burn it onto DVD and play it on a DVD player its getting this motion shuttering issue. I have managed to burn some videos and this doesn't appear. Its a 50/50. Could I have some settings incorrect somewhere in PE9? Or is this an analog issue. I realise everything is digital these days but I have all this older tape footage i need editing. Any suggestions/ideas? New editing system??? thanks everyone.

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    Maybe you should export your movie as a different format like "pal dv avi". Then open new project with new format setting. then try to burn it unto dvd. I hope it helps.

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    thanks spido. For some reason, PE9 won't allow me to export from the file menu. Export is always grayed out. But I have fixed my problem. Under the field options i selected reverse field dominance and problem solved. I'm happy!

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