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    Default Buying advice - camera kit

    Hi all,
    I have been filming events for the last two years, mainly conferences and concerts. I have always hired the kit. I am buy no means an expert, but I am getting better and capturing quality footage, I now am ready to buy my own kit.
    Over the years I have used many cameras, while my favourite has been the EX3, that is out of my budget for now. I have a total budget of around 6000

    This is what I have come up with:

    Panasonic AG-AC160 - 3540
    Pelicase 1560 - 180
    2 Batteries - 140
    Sachtler ACE M MS Tripod - 500
    Rode NTG2 - 160
    Rotolight Kit - 170
    Sony UWP-V1/38 Lavalier Radio Mic - 450
    4 Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC Card - 400

    Is there anything I have missed or should replace.


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    I'd personally go with a sennheiser radio mic system over a Sony.

    Ummm...Your batteries are awful cheap, Are they the officially branded pana batteries or are they a third party item? There are reasons why the branded battery is a lot more expensive!

    Those are my immediate thoughts.

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    I wouldn't spend so much on a rotolight. In my opinion they are overpriced for what is basically a 40 led light with a hole in the middle.

    The Pelicase is a great bit of kit but do you really need such an expensive tuppaware box? The money could be better used elsewhere.

    I would also go for a Sennheiser G3, rather than the Sony.

    The rode NTG2 is not a brilliant microphone, in fact it's quite mediocre. The Sennheiser K6 system (or a Rode NTG3) would be a better option. Use the money you saved from the Rotolight and the Pelicase.

    Just my opinion.

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    Battery-wise, I prefer Maxell Power batteries, for around 25 it'll run an AG-HMC-40/80/150 for almost 300 min. I see no point in purchasing brand batteries. I've worked with these batteries for over a year now and I have no regrets. Not 100% sure if that'll be compatible with the AC-160, but I thing all batteries are the same for the AG series of cams. Could I recommend an Anton Bauer adapter? for around 130-150 you can get an adapter but the bricks are about 100-200 apiece depending on where you get it and on which one it is.

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    I have the 160 and it's a great camera. I use Hahnel batteries bought on Amazon for about 80. They last longer than the Panasonic battery that come with the camera.

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