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    Hello again.... its been a while....

    Please have a look at my second video... its for a band called Kalahan.... took 9 months to put together in my spare time.

    Im posting here mainly for critique.. as I need feedback... but if you like... please say so...

    I really hope you enjoy

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    Thought that was hilarious especially like the prod of death around 1:10!
    Maybe reduce the saturation during the intro sequence even further than you have and push the hue towards the red/browns to give it a bit more apocalptic feel?
    Liked the song too. Good music.

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    Thanks oneloosecrank... had a great time making it.

    I spent alot of time around this.. I kind of got stuck too. I found the reduction of saturation not only looked good but improved the video quality when i rendered for web bitrates.

    I like what you suggested but when i pushed the hue durring the edit artifacting on the trees looked nasty. I ended up compromising slightly.

    Not sure if the problem is to do with the original capture, the lower bitrates or just pushing the image too much. I do know I need to sort it for my next video.

    I feel some test shooting coming on. Any thoughts on the problem are much appreciated...

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    Manic. Totally mad.
    A great look with some good actine and some great ideas.
    I thought it went on a bit too long - it felt a bit "samey" at times which is a shame as it would have felt even more full of ideas if you'd cut maybe a third out of the "main sequence". But I guess that was a song that this is a promo for and it's therefore a bit difficult to cut it don.

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    Thanks for your comments... your right I was restricted by the length of the track and its arrangement...

    Which bit would you regard as the main sequence? I was struggling to fit everything that i filmed in, but in hind sight while editing I did wish I had filmed more of the doom like sequence which you see a glimpse of at the opening.... maybe this would have helped with some more variety in the samey bit...

    Would it be too much trouble for you to indicate the time frame where cutting in would have helped? Its too late for me to do anything now, but would certainly like to check it out.

    And thanks again for commenting...

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    Well I had some free time Sat night so thought I would do a re visit based on Tim's feedback...

    Didn't have the same issues with compression this time... the edit has changed slightly. But I think it has made an improvement.

    Hope some of you can take the time to look. I know its allot to ask.

    Thanks again Tim...

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