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    Default Crisp titles

    I've tried creating my own title sequences using images created on different pieces of software, but the results are always very 'soft'/out of focus and not really usable. I want to run short title sequences that include simple graphic elements (lines, boxes etc) that are not part of the titling options on WMM2, PowerDirector4 or VideoStudio8 that I have access to.

    I've created images in PhotoShop and on PowerPoint, and tried saving them as all sorts of file types such as .bmp, .jpg, .tif, and at various resolutions (at least the same size or larger than the PAL image size) but all without any real success. The images always look crisp in the original software, but don't seem to withstand the conversion when imported into my video editing software.

    Are there any ways around this, or stand alone title creators? I'd be grateful for any advice.

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    Could you possibly post a couple of screen captures from your PC, one showing the original title art and the second showing a frame of your video of the same? That way we might see the problem and how severe it is. Computer screens are much more 'revealing' than TV sets when it comes to video. What looks obviously bad on a PC monitor may be invisible on a TV screen.

    One thing that might cause this distortion is the type of video file compression your editors are using. Lossless compression is best, but may not be a viable choice due to the large file sizes. DV has some loss, and after a few editing sessions can take the edge off of graphics. MPEG-2 has a lot of loss and can't really work on more than one session without severe distortions creeping in.
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    is the quality less when u import and thats what ur going by?

    or are u rendering the footage and then seeing what it looks like?
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    Default So simple, really!

    Thanks Crusty and OnTheWay,

    I reckon your answers have shown me up for what I am...a novice at this game!

    I was about to do as Crusty suggested so that you could have a look at the offending titles, when I thought 'hang on, I don't think I have actually rendered the sequence' as OnTheWay suggested. Lo and behold, when I do a quick test and render the titles rather than just previewing them, they are almost perfect! Oops

    Crusty's point makes sense too; I'll keep any further editing to a minimum to make sure the quality holds up.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to offer your advice folks, much appreciated!

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